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Joost den Haan joostdenhaan at gmail.com
Mon Jun 21 15:18:40 EDT 2010

Please forward this position description to anyone who may be interested.

Project title: 
Fate of nutrients entering coral reefs from land (Curacao) – Nutrient dynamics of phytoplankton and macro algae

Curacao, Southern Caribbean. 

Project description:
We investigate the fate of nutrients entering coral reefs from land on Curaçao. Nutrients entering reef environments are often assumed to be available to stimulate the growth of benthic macro algae but in reality, many of these nutrients may be taken up by phytoplankton and not become directly available. My group looks at the fate of nutrients entering coral reefs and seeks early warning indicators of nutrification by sampling the phytoplankton community. Outputs will inform whether nutrification events should be modeled as leading to an increase in benthic macro algal growth rates and if so, to what extent.

Technical skills/methods:
Scientific diving; boat handling; macro algae, plankton and coral determination; seawater sampling; seawater filtration; Pulse Amplitude Fluorescence; nitrogen fixation of cyanobacteria; profiling water column; incubation experiments of plankton and macro algae; grazing experiments zooplankton; dry weight measurements

Time on Curacao can be used as part of an internship or BSc/MSc thesis.

Diving skills; BSc or MSc in biology or a related field; basic laboratory skills

October – December 2010		1-2 students
January – June 2010				2 students
Timelines are flexible and can be discussed with Joost den Haan to meet student’s availability.

Financial contribution:
Students are required to pay for their own travel and stay on Curacao. All other expenses are covered (e.g. travel on the island itself, diving, boating). 

Check http://home.medewerker.uva.nl/j.denhaan1 for more information about this project.

Contact person to address questions:
Joost den Haan
PhD Student Aquatic Microbiology
University of Amsterdam
Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics - Aquatic Microbiology
Science Park 904 1098 XH Amsterdam
Phone: +31(0)649799505
Email: J.denHaan1 at uva.nl
Website: http://home.medewerker.uva.nl/j.denhaan1

Please include your CV as well. 

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