[Coral-List] Requesting Philippines Lionfish Information

Katherine Cure katherine.cure at gmail.com
Mon Jun 21 20:24:11 EDT 2010

Dear all,
   I am studying native lionfish populations (*Pterois volitans*) to begin
getting an understanding of the mechanisms behind population control in
their native range, where they appear to be quite scarce. My work has
focused on Guam but I am now exploring the Philippines and would like to get
some input as to lionfish hotspots if anybody knows of any. I have a few
under my sleeve, but could always use some previous experience.
   Thanks for any input,

Katherine Cure
"Madame Lionfish"
University of Guam Marine Lab
Mangilao, Guam 96913

Call:    (+1 671) 797-1905
Email: katherine.cure at gmail.com

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