[Coral-List] Can anyone help with water samples

Steve Kolian stevekolian at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 21 20:48:29 EDT 2010



The objective of this email is to see if there are any laboratories that could analyze water samples for oil and dispersants. Secondly, analyze for bacteria and plankton. Our most important need is to determine if the particulate and dissolved materials in samples are oil and dispersants. 

We have collected underwater video data of oil and dispersants stratified in the water column up to 200 miles from the source; however, captains have been detecting, what they believe to be subsurface oil plumes, on their hi-tech fish finders and other sonar devices over a much wider range. 
There is concern that the subsurface plumes may be part of the algae and sediment nephloid layer that appears over much of the continental shelf during the spring and summer months.  The captains would like to take water samples to determine if the signatures in the water column that they are detecting are composed of oil and dispersants or the algae and bacteria or all of the above. Can anyone donate some lab time?

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