[Coral-List] Studies linking beach replenishment to coral reef stress

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Below are several articles published over the years that address the issue of beach renourishment and sediment from the process and its' potential effect on adjacent reef communities.  There is also an extensive gray literature (mostly permit compliance reports) on the subject.


Lou Fisher

Fisher, L. E., R. E. Dodge, C. Messing, S. Hess, and G. Kelly.  1990.  Preliminary Biological Monitoring Results of the First Renourishment at John U. Lloyd Beach State Recreation Area.  In: Beaches: Lessons of Hurricane Hugo, Proceedings of the 1990 National Conference on Beach Preservation, Compiled by Lawrence S. Tait.  The Florida Shore and Beach Preservation Association, February 1990.

Fisher, L. E., R. E. Dodge, C. Messing, W. M. Goldberg, and S. Hess, 1992.  The Fist Renourishment at Hollywood and Hallandale (Florida) Beaches: Monitoring of Sediment Fallout, Coral Communities, and Macroinfauna: Preliminary Results.  In:  New Directions in Beach Management, Proceedings of the National Conference on Beach Preservation Technology, Compiled by Lawrence S. Tait.  The Florida Shore and Beach Preservation Association, St. Petersburg, Florida, February, 1992.

Goldberg, W. M., P. L. McLaughlin, and L. E. Fisher, 1985.  Long Term Effects of Beach Restoration in a Coralline Environment: Impact on Macrobenthic and Infaunal Communities.  Proceedings of the Fifth International Coral Reef Congress, Tahiti, 1985, Vol 2.

Jordan, LKB, Gilliam DS, Klink LH, Phillips M, Stephens N, Fisher L, Dodge, RE.  Characterization of sedimentation on a high-latitude reef system off Southeast Florida, USA.  International Society for Reef  Studies, European Meeting, Bremen, 2006.  Poster S02-03.

Lou Fisher, Ken Banks, Dave Gilliam, Richard E. Dodge, David Stout, Bernardo Vargas-Angel, Brian Walker.  Real Time Coral Stress Observations Before, During, and After Beach Renourishment Dredging Offshore of Southeast Florida, USA.  11th International Coral Reef Symposium, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. July 2008. Poster 1.8.

Jordan, L.K.B., K.W. Banks, L.E. Fisher, B.W. Walker, and D.S. Gilliam,  2009.  Elevated Sedimentation of Coral Reefs Adjacent to a Beach Nourishment Project. Mar. Pollut. Bull. (2009), doi: 10.1016/j.marpolbul.2009.08.032

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Can anyone suggest some studies that looks at what impact beach
replenishment in S Florida has had on the coral reefs in the area?

Logically one would expect the sediment spill from first dredging and
then the washing out from the beach, to cause siltation stress on the
reefs, but I am looking for some hard data.


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