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You might find this useful:
-  critical portions also in English.

Battistini, R., F. Bourrouilh, et al. (1975). "Elements de terminologie
récifale indopacifique." Téthys 7(1): 1-111.
A detailed study of the morphology of the reef formations in various types
of reef complexes, as the coral reefs of the S.W. coast of Malagasy, of the
Mozambic Channel islands, of the Comorian, Mascarenian archipelagoes in the
S.W. Indian Ocean, of the Australian Great Barrier Reef, of the New
Caledonian barrier reefs, of the reefs of Loyalty, Chersterfield, New
Hebrides archipelagoes in the S.W. Pacific Ocean, of the reef buildings and
atolls of the French Polynesia, Central Pacific (Society, Tuamotu, Gambiers,
Marsquesas archipelagoes), allows to propose a reef terminology, good for
the indopacific region, applying to 125 main morphological features, some of
them being subdivided. Each of these morphological features is briefly

So the biotopes recognized in the reef complexs or on reef formations could
be easily compared.

As far as possible these descriptions of morphological features were built
for the best interpretation of the fossil reef formations by

In the Chapter A the main types of organic buildings arc reminded. In
Chapter B the main types of coral reef buildings are reviewed. In the
following chapters are defined the morphological features of the outer
slopes (Chap. C), of the reef flats (Chap. D) and of the lagoons (Chap. E).
A non-full bibliography gives titles of the more interresting papers dealing
with this subject. A glossary of the propound named features in french,
english, german, is given to make the international understanding easier. (A
charming translation from the French, which incidentally, goes some way to
explaining the origins of incomprehensible deconstructionist tracts en
anglais as literal translations of the original French, although I don't
think this is why Dawkins refers to the gendre as 'franco-phonyism'.)

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> Dear Coral Listers,
> I am a post doctoral research fellow in the Coastal Research Unit of the
> Geography Department, University of Cambridge. In collaboration with some
> colleagues in the seabed mapping community I am helping to produce a
> geomorphological atlas of the seabed. I have been tasked with supplying
> glossary definitions for coral reef units (e.g. fringing reef, barrier
> reef, platform reef etc.). We are keen to utilise terms already in
> circulation. If anybody knows of any existing coral reef glossaries or
> pertinent definitions (particularly with respect to landform types), I
> would be very grateful if you could pass them on.
> Many thanks in advance,
> Sarah
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