[Coral-List] Request for information on benthic cover software

Brian Walker walkerb at nova.edu
Thu Jun 24 10:49:39 EDT 2010

Hi Ruth,

You can manually grab frames from most video editing software once you have
imported the video onto the computer. There is usually an option to save the
frame of a paused video. This method however can be very time consuming
depending on how much video you have to extract.

We have adopted a method for automatically extracting images from videos via
a mosaicking process that has been developed and used in the Florida Keys
Coral Reef Ecosystem Monitoring Project for the last 15 years. The only
software I know of that automatically does this is called Ravenview. However
it is no longer being supported and was very expensive (~$8k).  We are
currently using this software to analyze our video transects and it works
well for standard definition (SD) video, but not HD.

If you have a lot of SD video to extract, this method is probably the way to
go. If any listers know of another automated process please chime in because
we need to find a way to transition to large-scale HD video image


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Dear Coral-list 
I have recently completed a number of video transects of benthic
communities. I would like to get hold of some software that allows me to
take frame-grabs from the video so I can estimate percentage cover etc. 
Does anyone have any advice as to what software is available and where I
could get it from? I have had a look around but most software seems to deal
with single images rather than a video. 
Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated! 
Many thanks 
Ruth Thurstan

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