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Steve Kolian stevekolian at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 24 14:00:53 EDT 2010

Directly south of the Missisippi and inshore of the source, the oil and dispersant plumes are changing offshore from globules, flakes and small particulates to fine materials and dissolved oil and dispersants. 


On June 22nd, at the Cognac Platform, water clarity was signficantly lower than previous visits in early May when we observed particulate and surface oil and dispersents. On 6/22, visibility was only 1.5 feet all the way down to 45 feet below the surface. We gave up after that so the plume may have gone deeper. We are presently seeing dissolved and particulate signatures at all depths of water column over much of the Louisiana continental shelf and slope and less larger particulates and surface oil.


On our second dive, at platform Lena, we dove below the merc at 30 feet from the surface. The water cleared but was significantly darker than it should be. These plumes are persistant, for example, from May 27th till June 2nd, an oil and dispersent plume, consiting of globs and smaller particulate, was observed 200 miles due west from the source, at 210 ft, stratified in the water column occupying the area between 60 to 120 ft depth. The was no oil at the surface but the subsurface oil was persistant. 


It appears that the oil in a dissolve and fine materials state in the water column significantly reduces sunlight penetration into the water column. We still could use help with water quality analysis. 

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