[Coral-List] Request for information on benthic cover software

Tim Burgess tim.burgess at noaa.gov
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If you are doing frame grabs from video, be aware that you will also get higher quality frames (stills) if you are using a progressive capture camera, rather than one with an interlaced scan.
Consumer camcorders used to be all interlaced, where the image is captured by fields (i.e. odd rows for one frame and then even rows for the next frame and so on). Frames can be
generated by de-interlacing this type of video but there is inherent softening in the technique resulting in lower quality for frame grabs.
However, the 'prosumer' camcorders of late are now offering progressive capture where capture is made frame by frame, usually at rates of 24 fps (frames per second) and/or 30 fps.
Whatever software you use for extraction/editing, you will need to insure that the onboard camera codec is supported. AVCHD is a very common camera codec used by newer HD cameras.

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