[Coral-List] Symposium: Rapid sea-level rise and carbonate systems

Mike Field mfield at usgs.gov
Tue Mar 2 16:58:01 EST 2010


There will be a Special Symposium on Rapid Sea-Level Rise and 
Response of Carbonate Systems at the International Sedimentology 
Congress next September in Mendoza, Argentina. In particular, 
contributions are sought on the response of coral reef 
systems--ancient, recent, and future--to both abrupt and chronic 
changes in sea level. The projected rise of 21st century sea levels 
of 0.5 to 1.0 m, and more, offer an opportunity to explore and to 
predict changes in carbonate systems through field investigations, 
modelling efforts, and comparisons with Pleistocene high sea levels.

The Congress is being held Sept 26 to Oct 1, 2010; abstracts are due 
April 30. More information about the Congress and the venue in 
Mendoza can be found at:



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