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I would like to add to Billy’s warm words about Brian Keller.  With Brian, you got the best of everything: intellectual brilliance, an open and genuine way of being, a terrific sense of humor, and a fierce commitment to the issues grounded in a realistic and empathic assessment of how things are right now.  His presence as an influential colleague and a trusted friend will be terribly missed.



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It is with unbearable sadness that I share the tragic news that our friend and colleague, Dr. Brian Keller, passed on this morning.

Coral reefs around the world have lost a giant of an advocate who daily studied and worked on ways to better understand coral reef ecosystems so we can better protect and conserve them. Brian used his experience and knowledge in coral reef research every day to apply to his role in science management and to share with others. He remained abreast of all the current research on coral reef systems and was most sharing and giving of his findings and knowledge.

Brian was one of the most well-read and current scientist that I have ever had the honor and pleasure of knowing and he got it! Brian knew and applied concepts regarding large-scale processes long before they became popular. He understood the spatial and temporal scales that we had to operate at when he spoke of ecosystem-based approaches to management. I will always recall when he introduced me to the concept of "connectivity" ... long before it was a common term or concept in the literature. He would caution me often about jumping too quickly on popular, new concepts to the ocean environment before I really understood them. His sage advice was always on target.

Brian will be greatly missed. His wife, Fiona Wilmot, is receiving an out-pouring of condolences and expressions of love and support.

Those of us who knew and worked with Brian already realize the huge void his loss will present in our daily lives ... and what his loss means to ocean conservation and management.

Please join me in expressing our most sincere condolences to Fiona and Brian's family.

In lieu of flowers please send contributions to the Northern Jamaica Conservation Association, an organization that was dear to his heart.

Billy Causey


Future plans include: Brian has been working with colleagues to organize a symposium for October in the Florida Keys. These same colleagues are now planning ways to make this symposium a tribute to Brian and his brilliant thinking.

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