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Stephen Aitken, the Managing Editor of "Biodiversity" (aitken at tc-
biodiversity.org, www.tc-biodiversity.org) has posted the following

Many of the world’s poorest people depend on biological resources for
food, shelter, medicines and their livelihood. The loss of ecosystems,
species and genetic resources profoundly threatens not only their well-
being but their very survival. Those who live in poverty may utilize
biological resources in an unsustainable manner, threatening the very
species they depend on.  Furthermore, the forces that contribute to
poverty, such as climate change and overpopulation, also result in the
loss of biodiversity. These linkages between poverty and biodiversity
are often complex and difficult to articulate..  Researchers have
pointed to the need to assemble evidence upon which appropriate
interventions can be made to ensure that development and biological
conservation are complimentary.

Biodiversity is a peer-reviewed, international journal that seeks to
contribute to the understanding, protection and restoration of the
diversity of living things. We are pleased to announce a call for
papers for a special issue entitled “Biodiversity and Poverty

Possible topics include but are not limited to:

1) Identifying and quantifying the links between biodiversity
conservation, ecosystem services and poverty alleviation (PA);
2) Case studies using biodiversity resources in PA (e.g. resources
found in forest and marine ecosystems, farming of much needed wild
resources and selected components of biodiversity);
3) Integrating biodiversity conservation into development processes at
national, regional and international levels;
4) Importance of biodiversity and ecosystem services in community
livelihood and wealth including how community based natural resource
management strategies can strengthen communities;
5) Biodiversity for sustainable development, ecosystem and
environmental management and PA;
6) Ecosystem and environmental management for PA;
7) Technological innovations and their impacts on biodiversity and PA
in rural populations;
8) The role of gender equality and empowerment of women in preserving
biodiversity and sustaining economic well-being;
9) How biodiversity loss affects the population health of the world’s
10) How communities are responding to biodiversity loss and change
through adaptation strategies and traditional knowledge;
11) Moving forward on international goals (Millennium Development
Goals, the Convention on Biological Diversity) to conserve
biodiversity and alleviate poverty;
12) How trade patterns and controls affect biodiversity and poverty;
13) The economic valuation of biodiversity loss and conservation for
poverty alleviation;
14) Effective governance for biodiversity conservation at the
international, regional, national and local levels.

Submissions from all countries are encouraged.  This journal receives
partial support from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the
International Development Research Centre and other partner
organizations.  Proposals for papers should be submitted in the form
of an abstract (250-300 words) that provides relevant background
information, an outline of content and main discussion points.

Please submit your abstracts by 16 April 2010 to the Managing Editor,
Stephen Aitken at aitken at tc-biodiversity.org.

A Special Board of Editors will review abstracts and select papers for
the issue.

Abstract authors will be notified of their status by April 30.

Final drafts of selected papers are to be submitted by 25 June.

The issue scheduled for publication in August of 2010.

The Biodiversity team looks forward to working with you on this
important issue in 2010, the International year of Biodiversity.

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