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I was there in April 1977.  Amazing large Montastraea and EXTENSIVE, IMPRESSIVE beds of A cervicornis (I have photos to show it). There were nesting brown footed boobies and frigate birds. The only human presence there at the time was the US hurricane tracking station (2 US guys) and one Honduran military family, and a hill side of dumped trash.  I cannot imagine the reason for developing such a remote place and possibly semi-pristine place.  Have the coral communities been studied any time recently?

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Mr. Bryce,

In 2007, the Honduran government published an analysis on the development
potential of Swan Islands. The document includes an overview on botanic,
zoology and marine characteristics.

It is in spanish. You may download the document "Análisis del Potencial de
Desarrollo en las Islas del Cisne" from this link:


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> I'm looking for any information on the Swan Islands (Honduras) and/or
> anyone
> with interest in the Swan Islands.  Has anyone been there or know of any
> work that has been done there that someone could refer me to?
> Mahalos,
> Bryce
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