[Coral-List] SECORE coral spawning weblog Singapore

Dirk Petersen d.petersen at rotterdamzoo.nl
Tue Mar 30 06:27:07 EDT 2010

Dear all,

in collaboration with the University of Singapore (NUS) and sponsored by'EcoShape - Building With Nature', SECORE is giving a coral spawning workshopon St. John's Island (Singapore) from tomorrow (March 31) until April 8!Researchers and public aquarium professionals will work hands-on in the fieldto collect coral gametes, rear larvae and carry out research. We expect coralmass spawning on the nights of April 2-5. 

Like in the past years, you can follow the ups and downs of the SECORE crewduring the next 9 days via our daily weblog http://www.secore.org/gsp.dll?sid=283&pid=1&p_menuid=39&p_parentmenuid=74

We hope that you will enjoy the daily picture shots of the activities, nightdiving and lab work, and the personal stories of the workshop participants!Join our exitement if and when the corals will spawn! 

Useful links:
SECORE www.secore.org
University of Singapore (NUS) http://www.dbs.nus.edu.sg/lab/MBL/index.html 
EcoShape - Building with Nature http://www.ecoshape.nl/ecoshape-english/home/welcome-on-the-website-of-building-with-nature?set_language=en

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