[Coral-List] Undergrad Field Research Program in Turks and Caicos: Marine Resource Management

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Dear Coral lsters:


If you know of undergraduate students that would be interested in a
summer or semester course in Marine Resource Management Studies please
pass this notice along to them.  Thank you in advance. - Lili
Batchelder, Director of Admissions and Institutional Relations 



The School for Field Studies  is accepting applications for summer 2010
(Session I: June 7 - July 6 ; Session II: July 12 - Aug. 10) and fall
2010 (Sep. 9 - Dec. 9) for undergraduate students to research and study
abroad at the SFS Center for Marine Resource Studies located on South
Caicos in the Turks and Caicos Islands.


Students will work faculty members on field research as well as
collaoborate with the TCI Government's Department of Environment and
Coastal Resources (DECR) and the National Park Service to provide the
local government, community, and tourism developers with advice that
will help sustain the economic, societal, and ecological stability of
South Caicos and its island community. 


The semester course is 16 credits in the natural and human sciences and
the summer course is 4 environmental studies credits. Students take
classes in Tropical Marine Ecology, Principles of Resource Management,
and Environmental Policy & Socioeconomic Values  as well as Directed
Research group project which acts as the platform for community
recommendations. Much of this course is spent in the water via snorkel
or boat. Students who are certified SCUBA beforehand will have
opportunities to dive.


Tropical Marine Ecology discusses the interactions that determine the
distribution and abundance patterns of tropical marine organisms with
emphasis on the ecology of near-shore areas. Basic principles of ecology
are integrated with an understanding of the sea as a habitat for life.
Coral reef ecosystems are emphasized to illustrate basic ecological


Principles of Resource Management is designed to examine the connection
between society and natural resources and how application of management
tools can lead towards biodiversity conservation and sustainable
livelihoods. Local case studies and emerging environmental and
challenges will be examined using the theory and practice learned in
this course.


Environmental Policy & Socioeconomics Values provides insight into the
broad social context surrounding natural resources to determine
effective approaches to resource management. Objectives are to
understand the socio-cultural context for protected area management,
fisheries management, and local economic development. 


Directed Research prepares students to distinguish hidden assumptions in
scientific approaches and separate fact from interpretation, cause from
correlation, and advocacy from objectivity. Specific tools will include
experimental design, field research techniques, basic descriptive
statistics, and parametric and non-parametric quantitative analysis.
Succinct scientific writing, graphic and tabular presentation of
results, and effective delivery of oral presentations will be



Course descriptions can be found using the following link: 

Admission for both summer and semester is rolling.  


Prerequisites for semester program: One semester of college-level
ecology or biology; 18 years of age.



Prerequisite s for summer program: College Undergraduates: No academic
High School Students: 16 years of age; good academic standing;
completion of at least junior year of high school


Interested students should contact  Ellen Reid,Admissions Counselor at
the School for Field Studies  or call  800.989.4418 .  Register online
at http://www.fieldstudies.org/pages/228_prospective_students.cfm.
Contact the study abroad office at your institution to assist you with
registration and course approval. 



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