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Walter Goldberg goldberg at fiu.edu
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Listers, for those of you who want to get a better background on the relationship between corals and oil spills than might be revealed by one person's personal experience and opinions, please see NOAA's manual on the subject:
Scroll down to their 10 MB pdf Oil Spills and Coral Reefs, which in part states:
The old notion that coral reefs do not suffer acute toxicity effects from oil floating over them
is probably incorrect. Certainly, direct coating increases the severity of impact, but oil concentrations
attainable during a spill may also kill some species.
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     With the developing oil disaster in the Gulf, I thought a few
comments regarding the effects of crude oil on coral reefs might be
healthful. Some of you know my background in the industry and my work
with API committees before 1974. In 1972, I ...........+ 6 paragraphs not reproduced here.

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