[Coral-List] Paper - Phytoplankton uptake and the ocean catchment

Alex Wyatt awyatt at graduate.uwa.edu.au
Fri May 7 12:52:35 EDT 2010


Dear Coral List members,


List members may be interested in a recent publication in Marine Ecology
Progress Series concerning phytoplankton uptake by coral reef communities:


Wyatt ASJ, Lowe RJ, Humphries S, Waite AM (2010) Particulate nutrient fluxes
over a fringing coral reef: relevant 

      scales of phytoplankton production and mechanisms of supply. Mar Ecol
Prog Ser 405:113-130


The paper also introduces the concept of the 'ocean catchment' which is an
attempt to quantify the area of ocean that a benthic system may depend on
for planktonic food production and supply.  This may be of extra interest
given the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill - direct impacts aside, what are the
flow on effects on the benthic systems of the Gulf of Mexico from such an
apparently large-scale perturbation of the water column?






Alex Wyatt



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