[Coral-List] BP Oil Spill Response

Steve Mussman sealab at earthlink.net
Sun May 9 17:29:29 EDT 2010

  There appears to be some indication that Coral-List is being exploited 
by special interests wanting to take proactive measures to placate
those they fear may become their antagonists on issues related to
the consequences of the oil spill. 
  I haven’t read any post here that could be considered “alarmist”,
but anyone following events closely would be amiss to summarily downplay
the inherent implications. 
  Will this disaster (or is the use of this term too strong?
perhaps undesirable event would sound more prudent) prove to be
unprecedented in it’s impact on our marine ecosystems? We don’t know as yet,
but it is certainly understandable that concerns are mounting.
  At this point there may be no need to assume that coral reefs,
fisheries and entire communities will cease to exist as a result of this
catastrophe, but at the same time it would be equally unwise to sit back
and allow oil industry affiliates to frame the conversation. 

  Steve Mussman
  Sea Lab 

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