[Coral-List] Please help: Coral reef resilience indicators

Imam Bachtiar bachtiar.coral at gmail.com
Sun May 9 22:46:39 EDT 2010

Dear all,
I am a PhD student at the Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia.
My project is developing a resilience index of coral communities,
using a line intercept transect method.
I am asking for your favor to help me in ranking the importance of 12
resilience-indicators that will be used on the index development. What
you need to do is to put a number (as a  rank) after the indicator
name. The number (rank) is between 1-9, which means a rank 1 is
extremely important where as a rank 9 is extremely un-important.
Several indicators may have the same rank. Example: CFG 1, CGR 5, CRE
2, CSC 5, …  and so on.
The resilience indicators to be ranked are:
(1)	CFG= coral functional group (number of life forms)
(2)	CGR= coral genera richness (number of coral genera)
(3)	CRE= coral recruitment (number of sub-adult colonies, D <10cm)
(4)	CSC= coral size classes (number of coral colony size class, interval 10 cm)
(5)	CCM=coral massive cover (indicating habitat complexity, %)
(6)	USS= unavailability settlement substrate (% of sand and silt coverage)
(7)	AMC= macroalgal coverage (%)
(8)	AFG= algal functional group (number of algal life forms)
(9)	CCO= coral cover (%)
(10)	OTF= Other fauna (sponge, soft coral and other fauna cover, %)
(11)	ATC= algal total coverage (%)
(12)	MOF= Macroalgal and other fauna (AMF+OTF, %), indicating non-coral domain.
The indicators may be classified as potential biological legacies
(CFG, CGR), potential structural legacies (CCM, USS), mobile-link
organism (CRE, CSS), herbivory (AMC), productivity and attraction
domain (CCO, OTF, ATC, MOF).
Your contribution as professional judgment is very much importance on
the study.  Looking forward to have your reply. Any comments are also
very welcomed.

Best regards,
Imam Bachtiar

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