[Coral-List] BP Oil Spill Response

Steve Mussman sealab at earthlink.net
Wed May 12 18:45:10 EDT 2010

 Since you are concerned that your comment “that the sky is not falling”
has offended some on Coral-List and you attached my post as evidence, 
I would like an opportunity to reply.

 Although it appears that you would prefer to keep Coral-List as an exclusive
gathering of scientists, I have felt welcomed here in the past and the site 
itself describes it's purpose this way: 
 “The list is primarily for use by coral reef ecosystem researchers, scientists
and educators, but is of course open to everybody.” 
(If it makes you feel a bit more at ease, I was an educator for thirty years
and I read a lot.)

 As far as being offended by your comments, I wasn’t outraged by anything
that you said, but I also believe that those that are voicing greater uncertainties
about the “potential” environmental impact should not feel inhibited to express
their concerns. I haven’t seen anything posted here that even resembles hysteria. 
(The mass media will do what they do, it is best to apply your own filtering
mechanisms to such sources.) 
 My previous comments take issue not with what you said, but with any attempt
to restrain debate, combined with the fact that there appears to be reason to 
question the level of unbiased objectivity you can apply to this situation. 
(I only bring this up because you insist that the science should be more 
objective and impartial and I totally agree.)
 You claim that it takes a creative imagination to see bias in your advocacy.
I value creativity, but would prefer to avoid more details that could be
misinterpreted as the casting of aspersions. That is not my intent. 
  By the way, I see little purpose in focusing on who is to blame.
There are certainly the obvious suspects to round up. BP, Tansocean and Haliburton
come to mind, but in reality, we are all culpable. As long as we continue to demand
more fossil fuels without due regard for environmental impact, situations like this
will continue to be a fulfillment of our collective destiny.


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