[Coral-List] New Article - Acropora palmata, Settlement, Neuropeptides

Patrick Erwin tropicalreef at gmail.com
Tue May 18 08:03:54 EDT 2010

Greetings Coral Listers,

I’d like to draw your attention to our recent publication:

Erwin PM, Szmant AM. 2010. Settlement induction of Acropora palmata
planulae by a GLW-amide neuropeptide. Coral Reefs. DOI

The article may be of particular interest to those soldiers of science
preparing for the upcoming coral spawning season in the Caribbean.

To those interested, feel free to contact me via email for any
additional information.  To those not interested (and who've read this
far), my apologies!


Patrick M. Erwin
NSF Post-Doctoral Researcher
patrick at ceab.csic.es
tropicalreef at gmail.com

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