[Coral-List] A plea to stay on topic

Douglas Fenner dfenner at blueskynet.as
Thu May 20 04:26:40 EDT 2010

I was thinking we should get back on topic too.

    Anybody care to speculate whether dispersant and dispersed oil may get 
caught in the loop current along with the floating oil (becoming tar balls) 
and be on it's way to Florida, and if it gets there will it whiz by the Keys 
and reefs without stopping or will it be so diluted that it can't affect 
corals?    (I sure don't know)

     On the other hand, the messages reporting bleaching in Thailand and the 
Maldives are exactly why the question of how to reduce CO2 emissions is so 
important for the future of coral reefs.  If we don't get it under control, 
we can kiss reefs as we know them goodby in 20-30 years or less (and say 
hello to algae beds).  As someone said, 'We are the first generation to see 
the beauty of living coral reefs with our own eyes, it would be a tragedy if 
we also were the last.'


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> Can we please use the moderator's authority to keep the discussion on 
> topic..  Energy futures, global warming and much of what has been coming 
> across lately really is pretty far removed from coral reefs.  I'd love to 
> keep my inbox a little smaller.---  Hal Lescinsky
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