[Coral-List] ***SPAM*** Re: A Plea To Stay On Topic

Magnus Johnson M.Johnson at hull.ac.uk
Thu May 20 16:35:46 EDT 2010

I've only just joined this list but I was hoping to learn something about
the biology and ecology of tropical marine systems, for which there are few
fora that get beyond "coffee table book" or (often naive) environmentalist
discussions.  I do not deny that these things are important but there are
many many places where these things are discussed and I nowadays find myself
filtering them out in order to get at more interesting nerdy-science posts.

How different dispersants affect coral, bleaching records in various parts
of the world, impacts of climate change on reef systems are interesting and
valid topics.  Energy policy is interesting but, to me should be discussed

In order to solve problems in the environment there is a need for more
information on the nitty gritty physiological and ecological details
relating to reefs.  Most ecologists/marine biologists are not narrowly
focussed and are concerned about the world around them but there is room in
the tool box for arenas where we can discuss/contemplate/learn about
important details in isolation.  I hoped this was one of them.

Cheers, Magnus

Dr Magnus Johnson
Centre for Environmental and Marine Sciences
University of Hull


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