[Coral-List] 15th Anniversary of Coral-List

Will Nuckols wnuckols at erols.com
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It's an accomplishment when efforts are able to span even more than one
administration in the U.S. - at 15 years of robust coral discussions you've
kept alive a service for much longer than that. 

I'm continually impressed with how well this one listserv serves the needs
of researchers, managers and marine policy experts at the same time.
Catering to a diverse membership while keeping us from wandering too far
afield is truly impressive and I personally am very appreciative. 

Thanks for your efforts Jim, and thanks to the contributors who make this
list worth following.


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Mr. Nuckols is also the author of the blog "A tide of information on
politics, environment, and ocean issues in general"

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  Just FYI, Coral-List was begun on May 23, 1995, with about 100
subscribers.  Subscribers this morning number 6,289.

  Keep up the good dialogue!

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