[Coral-List] Congratulations to NOAA and JH

Rob Hilliard, imco rhilliard at imco.com.au
Tue May 25 02:27:24 EDT 2010

I'd like to add my congratulations and thanks to NOAA for hosting 
Coral-List, and most especially to Jim Hendee for moderating it.

It's clear that Jim's care and guidance has kept Coral-List a useful and 
widely-valued source of scientific advice and reef management / 
education opinion. 

And not just to research scientists but also to all the various 
managers, users, consultants, students, reef restoration companies, 
journal editors, fishers, culture firms and other stakeholders  around 
the world who are interested in protecting the biodiversity of coral 
reefs, in sustainably-using their important human resources and 
benefits, and in educating / awareness-raising the general peoples of 
both developed and developing countries.

The world's reefs have been declining in the face of many negative 
over-population pressures and climate warming stresses in recent 
decades.  This - coupled with the huge issues and debate surrounding the 
causes and effects of global warming -  no doubt accounts for many of 
the more politically-oriented and/or heated submissions that he deals 
with so adeptly.

I trust NOAA appreciates Jim's cheerful abilities and grace when dealing 
with the hotter contributions to the threads;  his approach sets a gold 
star example for the moderators of other lists.   Fairplay, balance, 
openness and grace - particularly grace - seem to be undervalued and 
fast-disappearing aspects of our e-communications and reactive responses 
these days.  

Until this crazy world and our own little personal whirlwinds can slow 
down a little - we all need moderators like Jim!

Congratulations and cheers from down-under,




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