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Wed May 26 13:47:29 EDT 2010

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Posted on www.USAJOBS.gov .   Applications accepted from 18 May until 02 
June 2010.

US Fish & Wildlife Service, Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument 

This  position serves as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Project 
Leader/Superintendent for the 140,000-acre Papahanaumokuakea Marine 
National Monument (Monument) including the Midway Atoll and Hawaiian 
Islands National Wildlife Refuges. Papahanaumokuakea; which is co-managed 
by the FWS, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the State of 
Hawai'i, and in coordination with the Office of Hawaiian Affairs; 
stretches approximately 1,200 nautical miles in a northwesterly direction 
from the main Hawaiian Islands, and consists of emergent and submerged 
lands, coral islands and reefs, seamounts, banks, and shoals. Many of the 
remote islands are not inhabited by humans. The Monument supports breeding 
grounds for nearly 14 million seabirds of 21 species, and a dynamic reef 
ecosystem with more than 7,000 marine species, half of which are unique to 
the Hawaiian Island chain, including nearly two dozen threatened or 
endangered species. Midway Atoll NWR is designated as the Battle of Midway 
National Memorial in recognition of the bravery of the soldiers who fought 
the historic battle. The entire Monument holds great significance to 
Native Hawaiian culture, including the numerous historic cultural sites on 
some islands. Papahanaumokuakea is under international consideration for 
World Heritage inscription as a mixed (natural-cultural) site. The 
Monument is administered from a central office located in Honolulu, 
Hawai'i. For more information see our Websites at:

This position is also being announced under open competitive procedures 
(open to all U.S. citizens) and under merit promotion procedures (open to 
current and former Federal employees).   Be sure to click on "ALL Jobs 
(Public And Status)" in your search criteria. 

See announcement R1-10-349637-AM if you want to apply for consideration 
under open competitive procedures. 

See vacancy R1-10-344959-AM to apply under merit promotion procedures / 
For Federal Employees.

Susan White,   Project Leader
Pacific Reefs National Wildlife Refuge Complex
email:  susan_white at fws.gov             ph:  808/792-9481 
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Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument
     Baker, Howland, Jarvis, Palmyra Atoll, Kingman Reef, 
       Johnston Atoll, Wake Atoll NWRs
Rose Atoll Marine National Monument
     Rose Atoll NWR
Marianas Trench Marine National Monument
     Marianas Arc of Fire, Mariana Trench NWRs
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U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
300 Ala Moana Blvd.  Rm 5-231
Honolulu, HI  96850
fax:  808/792-9585

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