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David Evans davidjevans1818 at yahoo.com
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Regarding Chagos MPA,

The article in the independent is very interesting and raises very important 
issues in relation to environmental concerns for the oceans. Absolutely!!

However, regarding reference to Dr. Heather Koldewey, I think Richard Dunne 
raised a very interesting and important point that really should be investigated 
further because of the very real enviro-social aspect of this story before the 
patting of backs and passing of cigars commences.

Dunne said [Coral List Nov 1 2010]: "The one illogicality is that she appears to 
assume that control of the fishery can only be achieved through a no-take MPA. 
In so doing, she ignores that there is an existing legal regime which has been 
in place for 19 years which permits the same degree of control. Indeed it is 
this legislation which has been used to suspend all fishing licences (as of 1 
Nov 2010) and not the MPA, which does not yet exist."

Is this true?

The one question that I have not seen handled fully and in good faith is that 

What would the present day impacts of acknowledging the Chagossians rights be on 
the overall Goodness of the MPA? 

Would Acknowledging their rights negate the conservation benefits of the MPA?

Are there benefits to Acknowledging their rights?
    (... yes... I see... that's three questions... but it's the same idea)

Boundary sizes have been discussed, along with enforcement, zonation, species 
affected... But the real impacts of re-settlement have not been discussed.

Re-settlement does not mean: Boom return to a pre-eviction set up. From my 
understanding from what the Chagossians have very clearly stated, they are in 
favor of the ideals and intentions of the MPA.

Maybe some real consideration might be given to what that might mean. I think if 
nothing else, they deserve that rather than flatly equating Chagossian rights 
with Anti-Conservation, negating the MPA, and destruction of the multifaceted 
Jewel that is Chagos.

Time has been spent on the feasibility of re-settlement. But not in relation to 
the impact of re-settlement on the entire Chagos (terrestrial and marine 
including deep sea resources) MPA.

So... Why again do the Chagossians have to be excluded from their own table in 
order for the MPA to be worth while? Because from what I understand... That's 
not making much sense...

If the Chagossians didn't exist... then Wonderful! What a gift to the world the 
Conservation Efforts would be. But they do exist, and the Conservation Efforts 
can still be a wonderful gift to the world. I have not seen it adequately 
explained yet why that is not true.

Regarding the patrolling of the large marine areas of the MPA, it wouldn't be US 
military jets patrolling, but rather the already very busy detachment of P3 
Orion submarine hunters and marine surveillance air craft (technically 
turboprops) out of Diego Garcia. I doubt though that surveilling fishery 
activity would be added to their mission descriptions (or maybe it already is... 
who knows!?!? but a no-take uninhabited MPA sure makes their jobs easier!!!).

I know that we all (or most of us) would rather be focused on technical aspects 
of marine (coral reef) biology, physiology, ecology, etc... rather than these 
societal interactions and socio-environmental problems (god knows I would 
rather)... but without working out these things, the other stuff just gets 
washed away in the rising tide of human activities.

Best Regards,
David J. Evans

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Dear Listers,

I found this recent news snippet in the Independent worth a read: 

All the best,

Pete Raines
CEO, Coral Cay Conservation


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