[Coral-List] addendum to FAB and EbA documents to present at UNFCCC COP16 at Cancun

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Dear all and sorry for cross-posting.

As an organization dedicated to sustainable development in Small Island Developing States (SIDS), and recently added to the membership of the Global Campaign for Climate Action (www.gc-ca.org), known for its TckTckTck campaign, we are preparing an addendum for SIDS which focuses on climate change and biodiversity.

The defining document is the IUCN Ecosystem-based Adaptation and in particular the issue of blue carbon sinks.

We strive to also have this addendum presented at the Tarawa Climate Change Conference through intermediaries next week in Kiribati:

What we need is information on the status of the use of EbA in the Caribbean and SIDS in general and the use of blue carbon ecosystems conservation as a means of climate change mitigation in the Caribbean and SIDS in general.

The beautiful part of the combination of EbA and blue carbon is that in the Caribbean it makes the destruction of such blue carbon ecosystems through poor siting and construction of resorts all of a sudden an issue of BOTH biodiversity and climate change.

And this issue is NOT addressed adequately by the CARICOM Liliendaal Declaration on Climate Change and Development, the leading document endorsed by the CARICOM for the upcoming UNFCC COP 16 at Cancun!!

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