[Coral-List] La Nina and global warming

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     I thought the web page you pointed to was making some very suspicious
claims.  Now John Bruno has written
an essay, complete with graphs of data, debunking it.


Your piece makes statements like

"strong La Nina events drop the Earth's average temperature around one
degree Fahrenheit" "The most recent La Nina developed in the spring of 2007,

and persisted until the early summer of 2008. The global average temperature

fell one degree Fahrenheit in that period of time, equal to all of the
warming of the last 100 years!"

>From John Bruno's piece:

Two points of correction:

  1.. Global temperatures during La Niña tend to be about 0.1 C cooler than
average (not 0.6 C as Art states; just look at the global temperature graph
  2.. Global warming over the last 100 years was more like 0.8 C (not 0.55

I'd recommend the skepticalscience website to people who are interested in
learning more about global warming, it's packed with info.


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> Florida Corals may need warm bankets again this winter. Super La Nina
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