[Coral-List] Mass mortality of fish and coral in the Sucre state, Venezuela

Ángel Rafael Fariña Pestano afarina46 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 9 13:43:19 EST 2010

Hi. I want to report a mass mortality of fish and coral in the Sucre state, at the east of Venezuela. Stone corals and zonathids are affected. Fishes of several taxa are dying. The situation started from about three weeks ago and do not finish. The temperature values are above those expected for this time at the area. A high sedimentation as a result of torrential rains is added to this situation. Somebody knows another places near from here with the same problem? There may be other elements besides temperature influence on the problem? 

Ángel Rafael Fariña Pestano
    Departamento de Biología
         Escuela de Ciencias
           Núcleo de Sucre
      Universidad de Oriente


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