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Jan Eber jeber at TNC.ORG
Tue Nov 9 17:13:01 EST 2010

Work for The Nature Conservancy on Palmyra Atoll


The Nature Conservancy is a leading conservation organization working
globally to protect ecologically important lands and waters for people
and nature.  Located 1,000 miles south of Hawai'i and an untold distance
from civilization, Palmyra Atoll is one of the most spectacular marine
wilderness areas on Earth.  Palmyra is a 680-acre atoll with 480,000
acres of lagoons, coral reefs, and submerged lands.  Palmyra is a US
Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) Refuge out to 12 miles and a Marine
National Monument out to 50 miles. The Nature Conservancy owns Cooper
Island, and manages the atoll in partnership with the USFWS.


Palmyra's research station supports scientific research by the world
renowned research institutions.  Staff is hired on a seasonal basis for
approximately 3 months at a time to run the research station and camp
facilities.  Board and lodging are provided while on-island.


Interested parties should visit www.tnc.org/careers
<http://www.tnc.org/careers>  to learn more about required skills and
experience, and to apply for the following Palmyra Atoll positions:


The Field Station Manager is responsible for the overall management,
supervision, and safety of Palmyra Atoll operations and staff.  


The Galley/Housekeeping Manager is responsible for the management and
daily operation of the Palmyra Atoll research station galley and
housekeeping departments.  


The Assistant Cook/Housekeeper is responsible for meal planning and
preparation as well as laundry service and general housekeeping. 


The Chief of Marine Operations is responsible for all marine operations
on Palmyra Atoll.  Primary responsibilities include: safe navigation and
operation of a 25' Dive Boat and skiffs; coordination and oversight of
boating activities, SCUBA diving, and fishing trips.


The Mechanic/Boat Captain is responsible for the maintenance and repair
of all marine equipment (boats, outboards, scuba compressor and gear)
and safe navigation and operation of boats and skiffs.  This includes
other gasoline and diesel powered equipment and vehicles, diesel
generators, tractors, and a variety of heavy equipment.  


The Maintenance Technician is responsible for upkeep and repairs of all
field station facilities including buildings, roads, and runway;
maintenance of water, waste, plumbing and electrical systems.





Jan S. Eber

Director of Operations

The Nature Conservancy

923 Nuuanu Ave., Honolulu, HI  96817

Off ph: 808.587.6269  Fax: 808.535.1513

Cell: 808.342.2468




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