[Coral-List] La Nina and global warming

Steve Mussman sealab at earthlink.net
Mon Nov 15 15:04:44 EST 2010

Didn’t mean for my comments to be threatening, but please
allow me to put them in the proper context. 
I enjoy Gene’s comments as well as anyone and have for some time.
I am certainly not trying to be either dismissive or demeaning.
I respect his opinion and in actuality was not making reference 
to him in the quote that Greg referenced. I think that Gene’s views
are understandable in that they very well may reflect consensus from
a geological perspective. That would not be unexpected and it is 
certainly science based, although I would assert that it might not be
the most appropriate discipline.

What is disturbing to me is fact that many of those with whom I associate
are well educated as well as opinionated, but they choose to base their views
on climate change on information that is not science based. They have been 
very effectively taken in by information carefully crafted to convince them 
that there is no real science to support an anthropogenic basis for climate change. 
I am constantly confronted with the often repeated mantra of some conspiracy 
involving scientists attempting to usher in a new world order.
This is coming from educated individuals who have chosen not to seriously 
consider scientific evidence, but instead to rely on other, perhaps politicized
and less reliable sources to provide perspective.

Hence my previous comment suggesting that on this and other critical issues, 
science should not surrender.


"one of the most disturbing aspects of this discussion is the fact that many
contrarians are scientifically literate and most certainly capable of complex
intellectual analysis."   Steve Mussman

“First let me point out I am not a contrarian.  I think there is a lot of compelling evidence. Nonetheless, I find this statement disturbing.  Isnt it a good thing that those who question the certainty of any scientific conclusion be scientifically literate?  I understand folks feel their data and conclusions are absolutely correct, but has anyone ever been absolutely correct about any data or conclusions?”  
“I thoroughly enjoy Gene's comments and am not so sure that those who question can be dismissed so easily.” Greg Challenger

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