[Coral-List] Pew report on climate change disbelief among Republicans

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Thu Nov 18 15:06:12 EST 2010

Dear listers,

The Pew report on climate change disbelief among Republicans indicates a serious problem for the scientific community, and the tendency shown in the USA is becoming prevalent in the European Union as well


The question is how can we turn the tide and make sure that the sciences involved in dealing with issues directly related to climate change do not become  political issues?

The question is fundamental because where politicians do not find an issue to be important they will not want to allocate resources at state or federal levels to deal with it.

Marine biology, biodiversity and basically the whole gamut of issues dealt with in the Coral List (the fields of scientific interest) could be affected.

One very important issue, stressed by recent reports by the UNEP and FAO is that the food security issue as related to the oceans, which is seriously impacted by climate change could be questioned.

The ramifications are enormous and at the same time frightening.

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