[Coral-List] Starting a coral nursery

Sarah Flinn Campbell sendsarahpresents at gmail.com
Wed Nov 24 08:25:58 EST 2010

I am looking for with regard to starting a coral nursery.

I am working with a dive centre on Koh Tao, Thailand and we are looking to
start some environmental work between a few of the dive schools out here. We
are looking into srating a coral nursery in the bay for numerous
reasons. Firstly we would like to encourage the growth of new coral. Alot fo
the coral reefs out here are getting bleached in the high season when the
water gets too hot and with the amount of divers on the island some is being
damaged through diver contact. Secondly we want to start the coral nursery
to encourage divers to dive responsibly and generate an interest in marine

We are looking for advice on the best way to structure the nursery, which
corals to start with and any tips or advice that anyone has.
What should the skeletal structure be made of?
What is the optimum depth/temperature for the nursery to be located?
Which corals should we start with and what should the spacing be.
Obviously we do no want to cause more harm than good and we would love the
project to be a success and and advice would be greatly appreciated.
appreciated Looking forward to hearing from you,

Sarah Flinn-Campbell

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