[Coral-List] The Pew Report: A PS

Hans economicstrategies at bigpond.com
Wed Nov 24 15:57:37 EST 2010

Item 6 from RainbowWarriorsInternational in Issue 25 referred to a recent 
paper by Clive Hamilton 
http://www.clivehamilton.net.au/cms/index.php?page=articles, which contains 
a scholarly review of how climate change denial follows a long history of 
similar examples of how people always resist the (inconvenient) truth. It 
should be read by all concerned with the subject.

Gert van Gast (item 3) concluded yesterday: "So, let's just keep going. No 
giving up, no complete changes of what we are doing. All efforts to truth, 
convenient or not!" Ways forward do exist. As I suggested in my message (the 
list at the end of item 4), there are other ways than keeping battering a 
weary public with the magnitude of the climate change issue.

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