[Coral-List] La Nina and global warming (Ulf Erlingsson)

Steve Mussman sealab at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 24 14:07:23 EST 2010

  Rather than going point to point, I would simply recommend a few sources 
for you to consider. It seems clear that you have your mind made up as to
the validity of the concept, but what the heck, a skeptic is asking and it
would not be good form to ignore your request.

I would say check out these sources and if you find this information
too uncomfortable, you can return to the varied skeptical sources that would
be more than happy to discredit any and all of this science-based information.
I won't attempt to influence you any further.(Or convert you, if you believe
this to be faith-based.)      

This first source is a bit dated, but it seems to address many of your basic
questions. It is a draft of testimony given by the late Stephen Schneider 
before a U.S. Senate Committee in 2003 on “The Case for Climate Change Action.” 

I would also suggest that you read James Hansen’s book “Storms of my Grandchildren”
(It covers the science as well as explaining the ramifications of inaction.)

But of course there are lots of good sources out there. 

And one more thing Ulf, please consider this bit of wisdom from a scientist who learned
a thing or two about trying to deal with skeptical detractors.

    By denying scientific principles, one may maintain any paradox. 
     Galileo Galilei 

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