[Coral-List] AGW: Walking the walk

David M. Lawrence dave at fuzzo.com
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It would be nice to know what posts people think are "religious."  My 
writings are informed by my understanding of the physics of the 
atmosphere.  I've done the math, I have a pretty good understanding of 
the Earth's energy budget -- I've even written models of it.  If that's 
religious, then we might just as well all walk off the roof of a 
five-story building and hope for the best.  Our understanding of gravity 
is based on just as much religious insight.


On 11/26/2010 1:14 PM, R.D. wrote:
> As a non-academic, I have followed coral list postings for years because, as an avid diver, I have a great love of coral reefs and I occasionally learn something about the science of coral reefs. Unfortunately this requires sifting through a never-ending cycle of political, quasi-religious posts on AGW. I have a suggestion that may help cut down on this useless banter.
> I would like to refer those interested to Jessica B.'s recent post which hits the nail on the head. Instead of trying to convert each other or to "prove" your argument, why not show your conviction and take action personally.
> I suggest that anyone posting a pro-AGW comment should first meet the following requirements:
> 1. They do not drive a hydrocarbon-powered vehicle
> 2. Their home is not heated by hydrocarbon fuel
> 3. They do not eat beef(less beef consumption = less cattle = less methane)
> 4. They obtain all their food and living supplies locally by bicycling to farmers' markets, garage sales, etc.(not goods brought in by hydrocarbon-powered vehicles).
> As the saying goes, If you are going to talk the talk, you should walk the walk. Anything less is an attempt to rationalize hypocrisy.
> So please start your posts with the statement "I fit the criteria" so individuals can decide whether to read or ignore the various comments, rants, sermons, etc.
> Roy Ducote
> The Scubadiving Doc
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