[Coral-List] AGW:Walking the Walk (R.D.)

Steve Mussman sealab at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 27 11:12:37 EST 2010

The Coral-List information page addresses the issue of relevant topics
and qualifications for participation quite clearly.


Should there abruptly be verifiable personal qualifications imposed before
comments are allowed to be posted? It is certainly an interesting concept,
but imagine if was applied in every situation. Why limit it to Coral-List
posts on one subject alone? 
It doesn't sound like an egalitarian proposal in line with national standards,
but it could be justified if control was deemed to be the transcendent priority.
This is reminiscent of the rationale behind the Patriot Act, but without the
compelling national security implications.(But lets avoid the political).

Just to ease the concerns of R.D., I do my best with conviction to walk the walk 
when it comes to personal actions relating to climate change and other environmental
issues. However, forgive me if I feel no obligation to reveal every detail of
my personal life.

Few would be willing to live up to the standards that were sarcastically described, but
we can all do our part to thoughtfully take steps to try and assure that we are making
things better for the generations that follow.

After all, that is the fundamental reason for exploring this issue in the first place.   

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