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Dave said, "In the 1890s, using observations of other celestial 
bodies, controlled experiments on the
heat-trapping effect of carbon dioxide, and good, old-fashioned physics
and math, Arrhenius predicted something like a 4-6 degree C increase in
average global temperature with a doubling of pre-industrial carbon
dioxide concentrations.  He later revised that downward to about 2
degrees C, but the fact is that many of the newer models are converging
on an estimated 2-5 degree C temperature increase today."
      I suspect that Arhenius did not know that if you raise the 
temperature you also raise the CO2 level.(thats the little annual 
spikes on the Keeling CO2 curve) Even if it was CO2 causing the 
cycles in deep sea cores  described by Arrhenius what caused the CO2 
spikes. Don't recall any coal fired power plants or SUVs during the 
time Pleistocene/Holocene age sediments were accumulating.
      And Mike says," And if I ever hear yet another denier say "the climate
  has changed in the past" I swear my hair will catch on fire." Amen! 
and if I hear that "the science is settled," mine will catch on fire. 
That the climate is changing is not contested, whether it is Co2 that 
is the main culprit is the unsettled issue. Gene


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