[Coral-List] Chagos MPA

Pete Raines psr at coralcay.org
Sun Oct 3 23:54:17 EDT 2010

  Dear Listers,

I've been lucky enough to visit the Chagos Marine Protected Area earlier 
this year; as Operations Manager for the Expedition Leader, Prof Charles 
Sheppard and his team comprising many of the worlds top scientists. I've 
seen at first hand those stunning yet low-lying islands, dived those 
"near-pristine" reefs and experienced the tremendous practical 
difficulties of survival on those very remote islands.

I've also been very blessed to work with and help support one of the 
most dynamic, focussed, proactive, practical, rational and 
forward-thinking of the majority Chagossian communities: The Diego 
Garcian Society, led by Dr Allen Vincatassin 

An awful lot of misinformation, untruths and to be frank, utter ignorant 
nonsense, has been said about the Chagos and its now vitally important 
Marine Protected Area status. All I or anyone can ask is this: Seek and 
read only the true facts, and don't listen to or be swayed by all the 
nonsense and waffle. Try as a core source the Chagos Conservation Trust 
website and also that of Ted Morris. Don't listen to tired, boring and 
grumpy old men (like me?), grinding out their same turgid, biased opinions.

All the best,

Pete Raines
CEO, Coral Cay Conservation

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