[Coral-List] PhD. invitation letter

Amro Abd-Alhamid marine_amr at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 4 05:05:27 EDT 2010

Hello Again,
Dear Sir, Madam
            You are Cordially Invited to hear our topics and features of the 
seminar to be held for my PhD viva voce on (Designing of a novel artificial Reef 
Dome to be used as a tool for coral rehabilitation around Hurghada - Red Sea) at 
Al-Azhar University, El-Sheikh Saleh Kamel Center (Main Hall), El-Nasr Road, 
Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt on Saturday, 9th of October, 2010, at 10.30 am. It is 
our sincere hope that you will be able to attend as our special guest.
           This seminar will focus on presentation of the thought for coral 
rehabilitation using a novel design of a semi artificial reef (Reef Dome) and 
allowing attendants an opportunity to engage in serious consideration of the 
vision of tropical marine ecosystem conservation around the world and have come 
to appreciate and respect marine life. 

Topics will range from the reef destruction to coral rehabilitation passing 
through the following outlines: 

1-     Mapping of the reef areas in the vacancy of Hurghada.
2-     Testing the potential of several materials to be used as artificial 
substrate in coral rehabilitation.
3-     Monitoring the developmental pattern of several coral species under 
natural conditions using locally manufactured artificial substrate as an 
experimental step towards the application of such concept for the rehabilitation 
of coral reef in the damaged areas around Hurghada coast.

Amr Abd-Elhamid Abd-Elgawad
MSc. EIA, Al-Azhar Univ.
PhD. Candidate, Coral Biology & Ecology
EIA department chief
General Administration for Environmental Affairs.
Tourism Development Authority (TDA), MOT, Cairo, Egypt.
+2 012 3969429


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