[Coral-List] Case studies of "green" tourism marketing on coral reefs

Jos Hill joskhill at gmail.com
Wed Oct 6 14:53:03 EDT 2010

Dear Coral Listers

I am working on a pilot project with MARES to protect beaches on San Andreas Island, Columbia. If any of you  can share or experience with either of the following please can you contact me directly (off-list) jos.hill at presidioedu.org

1.  Case studies where the hotel industry has been successful and unsuccessful with "green / "sustainable" marketing campaigns targeted at attracting tourists. I'm not interested in full ecotourism where the market is a specific type of customer, but more regular hotels or resorts that have made some "green" changes or started to become involved in ecotourism-type activities.

2. Examples of successful non profit campaigns to promote participation in coral reef / coastal conservation by the tourism industry. I want to understand what factors are most attractive to the hotel industry about engagement in conservation.

I'm particularly interested in examples from Caribbean coral reef areas with resorts adjacent to sandy beaches.

Thank you!

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