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Sarah Frias-Torres sfrias_torres at hotmail.com
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Franck,Perhaps the Aquarium should also consider a contingency plan on what to do, should a hurricane arrive to Guadalupe.
When hosting alien species, a "kill plan" must be in effect. If there is a hurricane warning for the island, then, the "kill plan" is activated.This means, sacrificing all the lionfish in the exhibit, in order to avoid potential escapees reaching the ocean as a result from potential hurricane damage.
Aquarium hobbyist keeping lionfish as pets should also be informed about the need to set up a kill plan, whether due to hurricanes or when they can no longer (or are not willing to) take care of their pet lionfish.  This could be a great public outreach opportunity, and a much needed one to avoid the "Finding Nemo Syndrome" .
When I worked at Kennedy Space Center I had to develop a contingency kill plan for my experimental aquaria. It is cruelty-free and minimizes fish stress.
Let me know if you want more details.

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> Dear All,
> Guadeloupe is going to put some lionfish(s) in the aquarium of Pointe A Pitre in order to sensitize and inform the public on this invasive threat.
> The coordinator of the FWI for the lionfish would be interested in sharing some similar experiences in the Caribbean (contact?), and in particular to know first if the treatment by UV is sufficient to destroy any eggs or juvenile on the used water before throwing out in the environment??
> I thank you for your answers,
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