[Coral-List] Reef Ball Project in Miami Beach, FL

Brian Walker walkerb at nova.edu
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Hi Scott,

The following citation will tell you what to expect as far as the fish
communities go in that area (except for the addition of lionfish). We
surveyed fish communities in that same area for 2 years on several
artificial reef types. We also recorded presence/absence of
macroinvertebrates that were not reported in the article. I can provide you
that information if need be, but macroinverts communities may differ
depending on the types of cements used in reef construction.

Walker, B.K., Henderson, B., Spieler, R.E., 2002. Fish assemblages
associated with artificial reefs of concrete aggregates or quarry stone
offshore Miami Beach, Florida, USA. Aquat Living Resour 15, 95-105.


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Todd and Coral Listers,

The  Dade County Beach Erosion and Hurricane Protection Project has been
authorized to implement an offshore reef breakwater consisting of reef balls
as a 
demonstration erosion control project in Miami Beach. I have skimmed through
Reef Ball sites and some of their links and documentation.  Can anyone point
me to 
studies and/or have empirical knowledge of the area, and outline native
marine life
that could be excepted to populate this artificial reef. 

Thank you in advance,

Scott Stripling
National Hurricane Center
Miami Beach resident

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