[Coral-List] Rugosity of artifical reefs (Anders Knudby)

Anders Knudby knudby at gmail.com
Thu Oct 14 20:19:45 EDT 2010

There is a lot of literature on measurement of rugosity and a variety of
other measures of structural complexity on a (natural) reef. Particularly
interesting in my opinion if you're looking at ways to quantify structure:
- Comparison of field methods for measuring surface topography and their
associations with a tropical reef fish assemblage, by Mark McCormick, 1994.
- Effect of habitat complexity on Caribbean marine fish assemblages,
Gratwicke and Speight, 2005.
- Using lidar bathymetry and boosted regression trees to predict the
diversity and abundance of fish and corals, Pittman et al, 2009.

For artificial reefs it will be more important to deal with real 3D
structure (incl. holes, overhangs etc.), as opposed to the "2.5D" generally
assumed in the literature.

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