[Coral-List] Florida Corals and La Nina

Tom Williams ctwiliams at yahoo.com
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Are Equatorial changes of circulation and SST example of/driven by "Global Warming"??

As part of my dissertation 30+yr ago I looked at the global changes 12 MYA

Basics - 
Himalayas/Rockies/Andes much lower but then started rising and things changed radically when all three ranges interfered with the jets =/-10000ft

Pre-Climate was more "random" with little seasonality of rainfall and thereby coming out more "tropical" (no winter/summer and no monsoons)

Temp/Energy differentials between 0 and 90 degrees latitudes were moderate to low and winds more randomized and more evenly distributed = No major circulations patterns and no flipping monsoons

No major wind cells / more randomized =  major upwellings = no LNinas/Ninos - lots of little local ones maybe

Many small current cells NOT the big ones - NO equatorials and Gulf Stream equivalents north and south - many tropical storms but maybe NO hurricanes...

Watch the polar regions this year and the jets
In california we have had a lot more tropicals winds/rains and a shark attack as the upwelling dies (less cold water) and warmer water move/occur further north...

What do other people think?? any Biologist with strong oceanography and climatology bents??

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> Florida Corals may need warm bankets
> again this winter. Super La Nina 
> on the way? Gene
> http://pajamasmedia.com/blog/the-super-la-nina-and-the-coming-winter/?singlepage=true
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