[Coral-List] Fwd: PhD opportunity at the University of Queensland to study coral responses to environmental stress

Jim Hendee jim.hendee at noaa.gov
Tue Oct 26 15:00:10 EDT 2010

 Please contact  Dr. William Skirving (william.skirving at noaa.gov
<mailto:william.skirving at noaa.gov>) or Dr. Sophie Dove (sophie at uq.edu.au
<mailto:sophie at uq.edu.au>) about this position if you are interested:

The Coral Reef Ecology laboratory at the University of Queensland is
seeking applications from suitably qualified post graduate students who
wish to undertake a PhD degree.  This project is well funded and will
investigate coral responses to environmental stress.

The PhD will be based entirely on research, necessitating the need for
the applicant to demonstrate research skills via research
theses/dissertations and publications.

The funding for this PhD has been provided by NOAA/NESDIS, and the topic
is designed to provide answers to science underpinning new satellite
algorithms that have been recently developed jointly by UQ/NOAA/UNAM/U.
Exeter.  These algorithms use satellite measurements of the marine
environment to predict coral response.  This topic will also involve
aspects of climate change effects on corals.

The project will make extensive use of environmental manipulation
experiments to determine the relationship between photo-efficiency and a
combination of environmental parameters (especially light and
temperature) for a selection of species at various locations and depths
around Heron Island, Queensland and Puerto Morelos, Mexico.

The candidate will have a coral physiology background, preferably with a
mix of experience in projects concerned with environmental (e.g. light
and temperature) effects on corals.  The candidate should demonstrate a
sound ability with mathematics and have experience in computer
programming.  Experience with environmental remote sensing is an
advantage but not necessary.  A willingness to SCUBA dive is necessary.

This will be a hotly contested position and as such to help with ranking
candidates we require all applications to demonstrate and provide proof
of their qualifications and research experience.  Therefore, along with
a cover letter and resume, candidates need to provide the following:

 1)                  Official results for the last two years of BSc,

a.       Grade point average (GPA) score for this period

b.      Range of possible GPA scores

c.       A defence of your GPA score (why is yours a good GPA)

2)                  Official results for honours and/or masters years,

a.       GPA score

b.      Range of possible GPA scores

c.       A defence of your GPA score

d.      Indicate the mix of research vs coursework in this degree

3)                  Publications:

a.       Provide a list of publications

b.      Provide all publications in PDF format

Please provide this documentation, along with a cover letter and resume
to Dr. William Skirving (william.skirving at noaa.gov
<mailto:william.skirving at noaa.gov>) by _*7^th of November 2010*_. 
Enquiries may be addressed to Dr. Skirving or Dr. Sophie Dove
(sophie at uq.edu.au <mailto:sophie at uq.edu.au>).

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