[Coral-List] Ocean Acidification

Sean Porter caranx at polka.co.za
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Dear Robson,

the simplest way I can think of is to install a marine aquarium calcium 
reactor in the closed system. However, do NOT fill the reactor with the 
calcium/aragonite media, keep it empty for obvious reasons. A calcium 
reactor can be used to dose the tank with CO2 and a digitally controlled 
solenoid valve used to set pH accordingly.

good luck, Sean

Dr. Sean Porter

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> Hi Coral Lists,
> Can any body tell me how a simple set up of producing Carbon Dioxide in to 
> a
> close a system? Thus the carbon dioxide amount can keep the pH of sea 
> water
> from averaged 8.2 to 7.5 for a long period of time let say 1 week or so.
> Robson
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