[Coral-List] Job opening: Junior Researcher at Porifarma with PhD position at University of Amsterdam

Jasper de Goeij jmdegoeij at gmail.com
Wed Sep 15 11:28:10 EDT 2010

Dear colleagues,

I would like to draw you attention to a new Junior Researcher/PhD position
at Porifarma and the University of Amsterdam (UvA):

Short Job description:

Are you interested in innovative and cutting-edge research? Sponges are an
ancient and primitive group of animals, yet they form an aquatic equivalent
of modern chemical factories. Thousands of potential new pharmaceuticals,
such as anti-cancer and anti-HIV medicines, antibiotics, food supplements
and biomaterials have been isolated from sponges during the past decades.
However, commercial production of these bio-molecules has proven impossible
with present culture techniques, due to sluggish growth of cultured sponges..
The solution would be a major increase of the production rate of sponge
biomass. The research aims to found a high-output production platform for
high-end sponge products under controlled conditions.

Porifarma collaborates with the University of Amsterdam (UvA) within this
project, giving you the opportunity to do a PhD-research. You will be based
at the UvA, (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), doing fieldwork (involving SCUBA
diving) on Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles and Barcelona, Spain.


Are you: Either male or female, independent, flexible, broadly interested in
science, hard working, well-trained in laboratory and fieldwork techniques
(preferably MSc in aquatic/marine ecology, biotechnology and/or cell
biology), technically skilled, interested in traveling and diving, licensed
to drive a car?

If you are interested or know candidates looking for a PhD position, please
contact me (jdegoeij at porifarma.com) or Ronald Osinga (
ronald.osinga at porifarma.com).

Many thanks in advance for your effort and attention.

All the best,


Dr. Ir. J.M. de Goeij
Porifarma BV, CEO
Poelbos 3
6718 HT Ede
The Netherlands
Tel. +31 6 52471433

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