[Coral-List] Media and Oil Spill Science

Ed Blume eblume2702 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 17 21:21:09 EDT 2010

Nope.  On the listserve called Coral Reef Free for All, no one may
"obliterate all bounds of civilized discourse!"  While lightly
moderated, as the moderator, I won't allow cussin', name callin',
racism, sexism, anti-Muslimism, and so on.

However, you may state your opinions and other may disagree with them.
 You may criticize government agencies or universities or other sacred
cows, but only as two people might when disagreeing on issues in
polite and public society.

Ed Blume
Communicaitons Director, RENEW Wisconsin, an NGO advocating for
renewable energy in the Badger State
Reef enthusiast since high school a long time ago in Indiana, diver,
and smart enough to know what's polite even if I'm not a scientist.

On 9/17/10, Steve LeGore <slegore at mindspring.com> wrote:
> What a marvelous opportunity to obliterate all bounds of civilized
> discourse!  It will allow us to disregard scientific method and have the
> pleasure of metaphorically scratching each others' eyes out to determine who
> is right.  How very Jerry Springerish.
> Such a site might also be a wonderful source of ammunition for lucrative
> libel and slander suits, wouldn't you think?
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>>I created a listserve for these types of discussions, Steve, at
>>http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/coralreef-freeforall/ after Jim posted
>>the following.  It's not yet large or very active, but I hope that it
>>becomes a place where coral reef scientists can say whatever they want to
>>say (within the usual bounds of polite society).
>>*I am most seriously suggesting that "somebody" (not me!) consider starting
>>a Coral Reef Curmudgeons (or Coral Reef Politics, or whatever) list using,
>>say Yahoo Groups. There you can call each other dirty rotten scoundrels,
>> you
>>can post all kids of illustrative or condemning pictures, you can say
>>whichever U.S. or state government agency is doing a rotten job because
>>so-and-so let his ego get in the way (or whatever), you can say Dr.
>>Blackshark falsified his results, you can say global warming is a big
>>liberal tree-hugging hoax manufactured to keep scientists employed, you can
>>post sarcasm intended to embarrass or provoke, or that all Dr. Blackshark's
>>research money is going to buy junkets to Bali in the name of some dubious
>>research pretext. Such a list might be refreshing, humorous, illuminating
>>and actually useful in letting off steam. New friendships and enemies will
>>be made, people may get embarrassed or feel vindicated, and havoc may
>>result, but some of the truths may enlighten us all. It would be a true,
>>free-wheelin' list to say what you thinkwithout government censorship. It's
>>just an idea to consider. -- Jim Hendee, who has no connection with this
>>list serve other than suggesting its creation.*
>>Ed Blume
>>Communications Director for RENEW Wisconsin
>><http://www.renewwisconsin.org/>(a renewable energy advocacy NGO)
>>Reef enthusiast, diver, and non-scientist
>>On Sat, Aug 28, 2010 at 1:15 PM, Steve Mussman <sealab at earthlink.net>
>> wrote:
>>> Realizing that there is a spirited consensus (based on remarks
>>> posted in previous discussions) that we keep this list from becoming
>>> politically charged, I would like to momentarily step between adversaries
>>> involved in the discussion on the media and oil spill science.
>>> My fear is that without modification we may ultimately lose
>>> the opportunity to candidly discuss issues that are in vital need
>>> of being aired among members of this forum.
>>> Considering that there is an obvious call for scientists to communicate
>>> more directly with the public on so many contemporary issues,
>>> although fully unauthorized, I would like to make a suggestion.
>>> When participants are identifying themselves (by citing credentials)
>>> it might help to avoid undue controversy (and the associated
>>> animus this sometimes creates) if they would freely reveal any
>>> affiliations that might reflect even the potential for a conflict of
>>> interest.
>>> In this way, perhaps we can assure the continuation of these much needed
>>> and valued discussions and, at the same time, be able to more accurately
>>> assess and evaluate the opinions expressed without eliciting resentment.
>>> Steve Mussman
>>> Totally void of credentials worthy of mention.
>>> Just an old diver and self-avowed ocean and marine life advocate.
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