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Dr. Elaine M. Abusharbain eabusha at siue.edu
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  Dear Coral Listers,
I am not a biological or coral reef scientist, but as I science educator 
I see these problems as important in science ed. Are American Enterprise 
Institute scientists really scientists? They were funded $ 23 million by 
Exxon to produce climate change science. Is this stuff peer reviewed 
when it comes from a think tank? I don't think so. The public sees 
scientists with PhD's doing research and considers it valid science.  
How can you blame the public for not understanding this subtle but huge 
difference? Yet who is on NPR just about every day posing as a reputable 
view on all kinds of matters including climate change.
Scientists have produced NAS, IPPC etc reports, years ago.  In my 
dealings with nonbiology majors in college and most biology majors, they 
are unaware of these kinds of influences nor the scientific reports even 
though they understand the importance of peer review.
There is much to educate about and not enough science educators out 
there who take on the charge.  Our media is very controlled if even 
biology students are unaware of these kinds of reports (until they take 
ecology of course and many won't)
Thanks, I am on the list to become educated in coral science.... so I 
usually keep to myself.

On 9/20/2010 9:55 PM, Steve Mussman wrote:
> Ulf,
>    Perhaps the problem is that the global warming debate
> has come to be directed by special interests that are more
> concerned about the potential impact that a clearly defined
> scientific consensus might have on their ability to manage,
> manipulate and control the discussion.
>    PC is really a matter of relative perspective.
> In my surroundings a believer in anthropogenic climate change
> is held in contempt. No matter, what is lacking and much needed
> is the clear articulation of a scientific opinion on the issue.
> Scientists can either support their viewpoint under vigorous
> peer review or not. Is everyone so sensitive that they tremble
> at the thought of having to transparently defend their beliefs?
>   Scientists have been vilified and demonized on both sides of this issue.
> That should not result in a submissive reaction that allows the debate
> to be directed by non-science based sources with (perhaps) devious intent.
> Steve
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